Glasser Images Photographer FAQs

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Glasser Images abruptly closed its studios in early October 2021, leaving hundreds of photography clients without images from their weddings, engagements, and family sessions, and many photographers without work. At ShootProof, we're passionate about the photography community, and preserving life's most treasured memories. We see this as an opportunity to help Glasser Images clients and their photographers.

What is ShootProof?

ShootProof is a global leader in software, e-commerce, education, and productivity solutions. We provide professional photographers with a software platform to deliver online photo galleries to their clients.

What is Galleries For Good?

Galleries For Good, the corporate giving arm of ShootProof, is donating time and services to help Glasser Images' clients gain access to their treasured photos as quickly as possible. For more information read our Press Release.


How are ShootProof and Galleries For Good helping impacted clients of Glasser Images?

We are assembling a team to locate missing client images from recent events and make them available, via ShootProof-powered online galleries, to clients of Glasser Images. We are also making galleries of past events available to clients for a period of one year. In both cases, clients will be able to download their images from the gallery if desired.


I'm a photographer that worked for Glasser Images. What should I do?

While we do have access to some Glasser Images data records and will be using this information to reach out to photographers, if you are in possession of client images that haven't yet been shared with clients, please get in touch with using the 'Ask A Question' functionality on this website. We will be making every reasonable effort to unite clients with their images.


How is ShootProof helping impacted photographers?

ShootProof is offering a free year of ShootProof’s 5,000 Photo Plan to any photographer who was employed by Glasser Images, as well as photographers offering assistance to clients who are now without photography services for their upcoming events.

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