Legacy Galleries Reactivated

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Over the last several weeks we’ve been working with Glasser Images to help their previous clients gain access to photographs that were taken but never shared with them. This project is ongoing.

In parallel, we've also reactivated expired photo galleries, in an effort to give past clients an opportunity to download their images. As part of this initiative, we sent an email notification to anyone who previously had access to those galleries, letting them know the galleries are active once again, and photos are available to view and download, with a PIN.

We've heard from Glasser clients and photographers who are concerned because they received galleries that did not contain their own images. When we shared the newly reactivated galleries, we emailed individuals who had visited the galleries at some point in the past.

If you received a gallery that doesn't contain your images, it is because your email address had, at some point in the past, been used to access that gallery. We've found no evidence that any gallery reactivation emails were sent to anyone other than people that had previously visited the gallery.

If you've received an invitation to view a gallery that you do not recognize, please get in touch with our team using the ‘Ask a Question' button and we’ll be happy to investigate and help answer your questions. 

Knowing that clients are concerned that others may have access to their images, we've since added secure passwords to all reactivated galleries. If you'd like access to your own images, please reply to the gallery email you received, and we will provide a password once we confirm you are the gallery owner. 

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